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Be True To Yourself

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Human Behaviour Theory

We all wear masks (metaphorically) in our everyday lives. A different mask for a different situation in this uncertain life, where we try to fit in the society while hiding our flaws. We unintentionally learn this masking technique at a very early stage of our lives, moreover it becomes our second nature. According to Ekman and Friesen masking is known as an act of concealing disgust. Masking is mostly used to portray positive emotions instead of negative.

Everyone wears a psychological mask

Stay True To Yourself Quotes

“To portray ones true self is an act of courage” - S.S.Alag

Psychological Facts About Human Behaviour Theory

Masking act as a defence mechanism and a personality attribute which helps us to cope up in situations where we feel insecure and believe we can get hurt.

Often we put on these masks for our own security and stability, which results in compromised relationships with others.

According to Susan Sparks, "one of the most common reasons of wearing a mask is the Imposter syndrome which is the fear that the world is going to find us out."

Wearing a mask everyday that is pretending to be or feel like you need to be, someone else which can drain us entirely. In order to reach our greatest potential we have to shed the mask.

Here's A Mental Exercise For You

“In your mind, gather up everyone you know and put them in a room, friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances. Everyone is surely cautiously mingling with their masks perfectly placed. But then, imagine a strong wind gust sweeps through the party, blowing all masks off. It's mayhem, faces are exposed, for maybe the first time, wrinkles and all.” Now Imagine you all appreciating and supporting each others uniqueness rather than using vulnerability against each other.

Usually we tend to take off the mask off in our comfort zone, in front of people who we completely trust. Showing our true self is open to vulnerability.

It can be terrifying and painful to take off the mask but it allows us to breathe which helps us to heal from the past traumas and build a strong relationships with our loved ones.

Stay True To Yourself Quotes

“Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” - Oscar Wilde

Here's are few Common Mask that we wear in our day to day lives

We all our wonderful performers, we pretend everything is perfect and we have figured it out.

What is Human Behaviour ? Pretend To Be Happy

Cool guy

From the outer appearances this person has mastered the the absolute calmness and is not disturbed by any conflict or chaos around. The cool guy portrays to have a composure of a monk. But from inside, he has suppressed emotions that releases time to time when no one is around which results in snapping at people subordinate to him or having a mental breakdown.


Comedy act as a protective shield, a joke restricts a conversation to get too real or deep. A Humorist knows his way out of confrontation.


A person who takes immense pride in his selfless actions that he has single handedly saved the world. We all know a martyr person who over exaggerates his sacrifices which drives the loved ones away, although their compassion can bring the loved ones together. The martyr believes his role is vital in the world which gives them as sense of security but makes everyone around uncomfortable.


Bullies behaviour of misconduct is an attempts to protect his fragile self-esteem. This bully mask indicates that they are hurt, scared and lonely, they are just in need of a big hug. They tend to project their painful element on others and gain confidence by forced opinions; orders. Something is unresolved within them.

Stay True To Yourself Quotes

"If you do not know and own the darker aspects of yourself, you will project your own negative repressed elements on other people.” - Carl Jung

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Just to please others and to be liked by everyone we sacrifice our own happiness. This mask characteristic can be seen in the people- pleaser person who can’t say no as they have fear of rejection and are always on autopilot to say yes. To avoid conflict they trend to agree as they are afraid of alienation. This mask-type looks for people approval as they seek validation from outside source. Rely on people’s advice, hence easily influenced in decisions making.

Be True To Yourself

Time to shed this mask as nobody wants to be a doormat, ask yourself "Is it worth not being happy for others happiness."

Don’t let people take you for granted, say no in situations you ain’t comfortable. Shedding this mask will help you achieve true self-love and respect.

Here's A Video By Allison Spann On Masking In This Modern Era OF Social Media

Authentic true self is an earned privilege for those who are ready to accept & love you the way you are regardless of your actions.

True self is about knowing ourselves, acknowledging our limitations and embracing our own vulnerability.


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