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Are UFO Real ?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Alien Species

According to Colin Bertram, there is a dark connection between UFOs and horrifying mutilations :-

Cattle Mutilations In Oregon

Remains of the body of humans & animals are found under the open sky with their eyes that has been plucked out; tongues & private parts which are missing, suspected to be surgically removed with accurate precision that not even a single drop of blood is shed. These kind of incidences have confused the investigators for decades with the speculation that aliens might be conducting a biological experiment on earth.

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The Lovette-Cunningham Incident

Project Blue Book

Mutilated body of an American air force sergeant was found in new mexico dessert, incident speculation claims that the sergeant was abducted by the saucer like aircraft. Project Grudge by U.S. Air Force was responsible for the investigations of UFOs sighting after the World War II, project grudge was the earliest and short lived pioneer to Project Blue Book (1951 - 1969). The abduction incidence investigation was reported as Project Grudge Report 13 which was a 600-page document but the U.S government denies the very much existence of the the project grudge report 13, but conspiracy theorist William cooper (1943-2001) & William English who’s a former green beret captain claims that they were asked to analyse 600-page document labelled as “Project Grudge 13”.


The incident took place in 1956, sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette was assisting Major William Cunningham with rocket test in New Mexico. During the search for remains of the recent rocket test, Cunningham heard a loud scream of Lovette and thought snake bit him but he was completely shaken by what he saw. Cunningham had an extraterrestrial encounter, he saw Lovette being hauled by a long serpentine arm, folded over his legs, linked with a silver disk drifting noticeable in air 15 to 20 feet away. Cunningham viewed, solidified with dismay, as Lovette was pulled inside the aircraft, which at that point rose vertically into the sky. The major at that point bumbled toward his jeep and radioed for help.

Security team arrived at the scenario, Cunningham explained everything, later base personnel confirmed unidentified radar contact near Holloman where Lovette disappeared, a search party was launched into the dessert. Three days later Lovette nude corpse was found 10 miles away from his abduction. Observations indicated that the body was exposed to elements. The autopsy report raised more questions than answered.

Lovette's body was severely mutilated, his tongue and genitals was removed, eyes gouged out. Everything was so neatly removed with precision surgical skills, blood was completely drained out and no sign of vascular collapse that is usually linked with death by bleeding.

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Despite the fact that Grudge Reports 1 through 12 have been declassified, alongside Report 14, no official statement of Report 13 exists. The Lovette/Cunningham case stays unconfirmed and no subsequent reports with respect to the occurrence—on the off chance that it in reality happened—are accessible.

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Project Blue Book Cast

Dyatlov Pass Incident

Russian Students Hiking

Late January 1959, Igor Daytlov a fifth -year Ural Polytechnic Institute student who led the cross-country skiing expedition along with seven men and two women. The expedition was 300 kilometre trek over the Ural mountains and was anticipated to finish in 16 days.

During the expedition, 10th member Yuri Yudin stayed behind in the village Vizhai due to injuries and awaited for a telegram from the group about their wellbeing & completion of the expedition. Unfortunately, the telegram never came.

On 20th February 1959, the investigators found the group’s tent, that seemed to be sliced opened from inside, Moreover they noticed the footprints suggested the victims were barefoot or wearing socking.

Dyatlov Pass Incident Investigating Report stated

Alien Species

  • one woman tongue was removed

  • two men found 1.5 Km away from the tent at the base of a pine tree in their underwear

  • two months later 4 bodies found partially dressed 75m from pine tree

  • one victim had fractured ribs and other two had fractured skull

  • 6 victims died from exposure to cold

The weird thing was there was no external injuries and any sign of struggle on the corpses. According to telegraph newspaper in the uk 2013, small traces of radiation on the victims clothing were found by the modern forensic techniques.

That time the case was closed due to lack of understanding which led to conspiracy theories about UFOs, Yetis and local tribe attack.

Some also believe the Soviet government was involved in the Daytlov Pass Incident.

Russian police has reopened 61 years old case now and will investigate with modern techniques and technology. Mr. Kuryakov said that the team of new investigators will visit the site and recreate the scene to understand the incident in a better way.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident Movie

A Movie On Dyatlov Pass Incident was Released on 28 February 2013 by director Renny Harlin. The movie is about the investigation by 5 Americans students on mysterious death of 9 Russian students hiking expedition.

Watch The Dyatlov Pass Incident Movie Trailer

What Do You Believe ? Do Aliens Exists ?

Are UFO Real ?

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